When: Aug 2017 - Sept 2019
Where: Brentwood, California

- Connected with guests and created personal relationships to pair them with the right product

- Visual merchandising: showcased technical aspects of new products, utilized the store’s floor plan to increase shopability and enhance guest experience

- Led back of house standard operating procedures

I've learned a lot while working at lululemon--beyond Luon and Luxtreme, the naked sensation of buttery soft Nulu fabric, and the differentiations of all our men's shorts (inseam length, lined vs. linerless, pockets, waistbands). I learned about customer experience (aka guest experience) and how it starts with connection and builds on education. I put my trust in a leadership team of managers that cared about my growth both within the company and outside the store in school and in life. I met a group of people that loved sweating it out, trying new things, and learning about those around them. I learned how to make our small store in a $23 billion company feel like a genuine community: run clubs, shop nights, events, and an incredible LA Marathon cheer station fit with a drumline.

Guest Experience

As an Educator, my primary role in this huge company is to connect with guests and provide a premier in-store experience. Lululemon's approach on customer experience is unique: we practice dynamic floor coverage and prioritize connection. Connection means approaching guests in a friendly manner, asking genuine questions about what product he or she is looking for, and looking for feedback to find the right legging or short. 

Throughout my years with lululemon, I've gotten comfortable with starting conversations beyond simple yes/no questions. I avoid the standard, "Can I help you find anything today?" and instead opt for, "I like your shoes! They're my favorite to run in," (Adidas Ultraboosts ;) or "Ooh, what coffee did you get from Alfred?" (the absolutely divine and lovely and endearing coffee shop next $8 mushroom nitro cold brew please). I ask what workout my guest enjoys: yoga, pilates, HIIT, crossfit, run, spin, barre? I ask how she likes to feel in her workout leggings: hugged and held in, or super bendy and bare? I learn what he likes and doesn't like in shorts: a liner, a longer inseam, zippered pockets? 

My job is to know about all the technical features of all our fabrics and products and leverage that to find something a guest will love. I am a human flow chart. Conveying that knowledge in a friendly manner isn't always easy and I've learned how to gauge a guests' own knowledge before explaining things (no one likes to get mansplained).


One of the things that I love about lululemon is the company's emphasis on community. Each store has its own ambassadors: movers and shakers in their respective neighborhood who lead in fitness and life. They're not always yoga instructors and trainers, they are chefs, podcast hosts, entrepreneurs, barbers, and they help us grow our local roots.

LA Marathon
The Los Angeles Marathon is one of the largest in the nation, with over 24,000 runners in 2019. 26.2 miles that take participants through the city, starting in downtown by Dodger Stadium and ending on the beach at Santa Monica.
Brentwood's lululemon store is right on mile marker 22, when runners are really starting to hurt, but they're just 4 miles away from the finish line. It's the last push and we BALL OUT on our cheer station. 2019 was decked out with a drumline, posters with some questionable puns, cow bells, water and fuel for runners, and snacks and refreshments for cheerers. We had a heatpress so guests could customize their gear with LA Marathon specific designs, and we got to connect and cheer with educators from across the region and random strangers in the neighborhood. 
I love Marathon Day because we get to support and cheer on so many people crushing their goals, whether it's their first marathon or their looking for a personal best. It's an incredible day filled with sun and laughter and smiles.